Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

My approach is psychodynamic and interpersonal. Whether you are entering therapy to answer questions about how you operate in the world, or you are looking to develop new ways of coping, the therapeutic relationship we develop together will bring you closer to yourself and the life you want. In our work together, we uncover and come to understand your unconscious drives and motivations. I will help you ask questions of yourself - deep and profound questions that help you to move below the surface. I will also help you expand your emotional tools and skills whether you are in a situational crisis or on a longer journey to recover from past trauma. While we engage in this important work, I will strive to help you feel accepted, held, contained, safe, and respected so that you can internalize the insights you gain through therapy and feel capable of reaching your goals in life, empowered to handle the conflict and crisis that will inevitably arise. 

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